Friday, December 9, 2011

The First Facebook

On our New Europe Tour Paris we learned the story behind the Pont Neuf, which is french for the New Bridge. This "new" bridge is actually the oldest bridge in Paris. If you look closely you can see that the bridge has hundreds of faces sculpted into it.

As the story goes, King Henry IV loved to party so much that he would throw massive parties full of entertainment and all the food and drinks you could consume. One of the entertainers he hired was an artist that would draw sketches of all his guests.

 As the night went on many of the guests had consumed way too much wine, the artist still continued to sketch the funny characters all the guests were becoming. In the morning King Henry found all the sketches and found them so hilarious he decided to have each guests sketch carved into the bridge.

Now this bridge is considered the first Facebook, everyone was able to go to the Pont Neuf and see all the Kings friends and see what a great time they all had together.


Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad


 Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

1. See the world and broaden your experiences. Try seeing the world through someone else's perspective.
2. Gain a new perspective on your own country. Being immersed in your own country tends to give you a limited view of the world.
3. Explore your heritage. Learn about your roots and explore your ethnicity.
4. Learn a language and immerse yourself in it.
5. Amp up your resume. International experience is an impressive part of any resume.
6. Gain new insights by developing new relationships. These might be some of the deepest relationships you'll ever form.
7. Put a rest to stereotypes by educating others. Don't allow the same stereotypes from home follow you over seas.
8. Personal Growth. You will truly better yourself by being open to this experience.
9. Educational experiences. You can't even possibly begin to imagine all the things you will learn and the life lessons you will gain.
10. SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU CAN!! If you're lucky enough to be given this opportunity, take it!

- Danielle

Don't be Afraid

To take that leap of faith and study abroad!

When looking for a program to sign up for to do study abroad, I knew no one, not one single person! but i still signed up.


Each person going on a study abroad trip has the same goals in mind... meet new people, gain more knowledge and have a good time. But really, MAKING NEW FRIENDS, is something that everyone knows is going to happen!

Many people on our 5 week study abroad trip were in the same boat...or plane, but really, most people didn't know anyone else going so we all were feeling the same.

the group on a boat
From the time we left the airport in Fargo on September 18-- we were all ready to make the best of our 5 weeks overseas and with each other.  I came home with 13 of the best friends I will ever have.  We spent on average 14 hours days together every day. And had so much fun, that still we talk about it every day!  They are people you will always have this experience to share with.

I can that yes, I was scared, nervous, second guessing, anxious, about having to sign up for a study abroad program without knowing a single person.
But thus far, it is the greatest thing I have done in my 21 1/2 years and I would not change a single second.

So take that leap and sign up for study abroad! If you have any questions at all about a program or want to know more detailed how our 5 week program went feel free to get a hold of me and ask ask ask!! Also check out this website to find a program for you and check out more blog posts about studying abroad!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When visiting another country remember to CHANGE YOUR LENSES.

By lenses I don't mean prescription lenses; instead try to see things through someone else's perception, or take a walk in their shoes. You cannot fully grasp their culture without fully allowing yourself to relate to them.

Things may seem backwards at first but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Things are going to be different for you, you might even be completely out of your comfort zone. If this happens don't get
ANGRY just be accepting, if you don't like you wont have to do it again, but you will never know if you like it or not if you don't try it the first time.

Just because you aren't use to it doesn't mean you can't get use to it. TRY new things!!! The food is different, their attitudes may be different, their values, their lifestyle, their culture, their language, clothing, style, but it's all beautiful and amazing and you will never be able to see how great it is unless you are open and willing to experience it.

 So put on those new lenses, and look at everything through the eyes of those who live there. Go to student hangouts and meet new friends, with all the technology there is today you can keep in touch long after your vacation is over. Be understanding, don't get mad if they don't speak your language YOU ARE THE OUTSIDER.  Get the most out of your time there, it's a chance of a lifetime, love every minute of it and make lots of memories.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for Love? Maybe you should studyabroad in PARIS

Paris has always been known as a breathtaking city. I've been to Paris before, but I was also a lot younger and was unable to see how romantic this city is. Nothing can compare to Paris at night, but what really impressed me was none other than the Locks of Love.

This is the Locks of Love Bridge in Paris. Lovers walk down this bridge, lock their lock onto the bridge and throw the key into the water vowing to be in love for eternity.

Some write their names or initials for the whole world to see

 Another trick is for all you players out there, you can lock a combination lock on the bridge, then take it off later and reuse this lock over and over instead of buying a new lock for each girl.

If you are looking for love or just want to show the one you love how much you love them, I highly recommend Paris!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Ireland/Northern Ireland/Scotland Adventure

While on our 5 week European Adventure we took a trip over to Ireland where we then went on to explore Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Here is a brief video of our adventures through these three countries!

                                         Group photos courtesy of Dr. Wright

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